Visualization Group

(Formerly Vis Group and Visservices Group)

Our new website is under construction as of Jun 2015. This legacy website will not be updated and may be descommissioned at any time.

Visualization Group at SDSC provide our users with a wide range of tools and expertise to aid in their scientific research. Our work with the UCSD Cancer Center, the Southern California Earthquake Center, and the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences, among others, has allowed these researchers to see their data in a new light, leading to innovations and discoveries in their respective fields.

TeraShake wins best visualization award at TeraGrid 08 View Movie
Simulation Credits: Kim Olsen et al. SCEC, Yifeng et al. SDSC
Visualization Credits: Amit Chourasia, Steve Cutchin

SCEC Puente Hills Visualization Science Exploratorium Screenshot Early Universe Visualization
Myocite Early Universe Visualization SCEC Puente Hills Visualization
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